How to edit website content

How to edit website content

This is a back door to a series of graphic instructions to edit the content and some basic functionality of the website. Click each of these graphics which are single JPG or PDF files presenting screen captures and overlaid instructions of various sections of the website. Please keep in mind, do NOT make adjustments outside the specific instructions. Doing so, can affect the functionality of the website.

Dashboard overview. An introduction to the dashboard admin interface.

Main Page editing. How to edit an non-Listing (aka static or standing) page.

Listing Page. How to create and edit Villa, Land, Commercial and Rental listings. 

Media Library. An overview of all the website’s media and how to navigate the Library.

Short-Term Rental Table. How to insert and edit the code for a Rental TableClick here for the Table code.


Listings Library

Click here to access the library of Listings.  Each zipped folder contains low resolution versions of each listing and a fact sheet of that listing. A simple click will download to your computer.


Dropbox sideloader

On every listing, under the title is an ADD MEDIA button to click. On the left column click Dropbox Images. The first time you use this, it will ask for two things you need to add:

App key
App secret

You will only need to do this once. Thereafter, you will have access to your Dropbox acct’s content, and you can directly “sideload” images from Dropbox to the Media Library.


1. While on a page/listing, click: INSERT MEDIA (the button above a listing’s text box > DROPBOX IMAGES.

2. You should be shown all your folders on DROPBOX. click the + beside your choice folder.

3. Once the folder is open, check the boxes to the images you want to sideload to your MEDIA LIBRARY.

4. Click the button below: SIDELOAD THESE IMAGES.

5. Close this window, place images by going into the MEDIA LIBRARY as you place the images.


Heading sizes

These are what the Header settings look like, in case you wish to create subheaders in your content:







If you require technical assistance, please email: (include: “SUPPORT” website and detail your issue), or in an emergency call or text +1.613.876.3220