Bradley Esty – Director

Director at Stanleys Estate Agents

About Bradley Esty – Director

Brad holds an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) with a concentration in marketing. He was the co-owner and founder of Stanley’s Estate Agents in 2009, serving as the CEO until 2020. He recently passed on the overseeing of all daily operations and ownership of the firm to Alistair Forrest and Gary Ross.  He remains an active contributor and participant in his role as a Director of Stanley’s.

Prior to moving to Antigua, he served 18+ years as President/Founder of several major, award-winning international marketing firms. A licensed estate agent and realtor, Brad has worked with several leading firms including Sotheby’s International. He was also as well as having been co-founder of Vallejo & Esty Real Estate Group, based in Park City, Utah in the United States. Vallejo & Esty is associated with the Keller Williams Realty network, among the USA’s fastest growing real estate companies.

Brad and his wife Julie both enjoy sailing, skiing, scuba diving, golf, and hiking/camping. Julie and Brad have two sons, Tucker and Tanner (ages 19 and 18) attended Antigua’s Island Academy from 2010 – 2019 and are currently enrolled at University of Miami’s Marine Science programme (Tanner), and The University of Colorado Leeds School of Business (Tucker).

Language: English

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